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Snow White - Small Set 

Snow White - Small Set

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Masking: Set of two pairs of canvas & frame Masking Flats Plus False Proscenium including tormentors plus house soft black masking

Scene 1 Prologue Gauze with separate glittered title + Reveal Flat

Scene 2 The Kingdom Of Bandenberg
(Full Set Back Cloth + P.S. Castle Truck Flat, O.P. House Flat 2 x Wall Groundrows, Wishing Well, and Practical Wall (Climbable front and rear)

Scene 3 Outside The Castle (Front Cloth)

Scene 4 Deep in The Forest
(One Forest Cut, bridge section with ramp set against either Forest Gauze backdrop to be backed by starcloth or theatre cyclorama)

Scene 5 The Battlements Of The Castle (Front Cloth)

Scene 6 The Queen’s Mirror Room
(Mid stage Castle Wall Tabs with central truck housing Mirror with revolve scene within)

Scene 7 Outside The Castle
(Repeat of Scene 3)

Scene 8 The Edge Of The Forest (Tabs)

Scene 9 The Petrified Forest
(Repeat of Scene 4 without bridge & ramp section Forest Cut
Cloths – (U.V. Grassy Mounds and Speciality Routine not supplied for hire))

Scene 10 Outside The Dwarf’s Cottage
(Cottage Truck in closed position)


Scene 11 The Dwarf’s Diamond Mine (SW)
(2 x Glittered Cuts plus & Fibre Optic Backdrop and set pieces)

Scene 12 The Battlements Of The Castle
(Repeat of Scene 5)

Scene 12A The Queen’s Mirror Room
(Repeat of Scene 6)

Scene 14 Outside The Dwarf’s Cottage
(Cottage Truck from Scene 10 with forest cut and Forest Gauze Backdrop)

Scene 15 Inside The Dwarf’s Cottage
(Cottage truck which opens out at each side plus bed trucks revealing seven beds – 4 set O.P. 3 set P.S.)

Scene 16 The Queen’s Dungeons
(Castle Wall Tabs – Repeat of Scene 6 without Mirror Truck)

Scene 17 The Queen’s Magic Room
(O.P. & P.S. Frenchman Flats + Central Truck which houses Domingo Intelligent Light Source and cauldron) Please Note: Special Domingo Light source not included for hire)

Scene 18 The Edge Of The Forest (Repeat of Scene 8)

Scene 19 Back At The Dwarf’s Cottage (Repeat of Scene 10)

Scene 20 A Clearing In The Forest
(As Scene 4 but without Bridge section + Glass Coffin
& 4 Large Candle Sticks with Flicker Candles)

Scene 21 Outside The Castle (Repeat of Scene 3)

Scene 22 The Royal Wedding
(Fibre Optic Starcloth for backdrop 2 x glitter topped flats, 2 x Banner Draped Flats 1 x Glittered central Arch Section, 1 x small rostra placed upstage of Arched section and 1 x semi circular step placed downstage of Arch section 2 x downstage Banner Flats)

Cloths Approximately 36’ wide x 16’ drop - All cloths are Tie On


Click on a photograph to see the full size version

Backdrop for the opening scene Clearing in the forest (forest backdrop gauze to be added)
Deep in the forest Edge of the forest (tabs)
Finale with the cast Finale
Forest backdrop gauze Inside the dwarf's cottage
Mockup of showgauze with wall tabs Outside the castle (front cloth)
Outside the dwarfs cottage Showgauze to be cameod by wall tabs
The castle walls The dwarfs diamond mine
The mirror room The Queen's spell room


Hanging Plot

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